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Being in a safe gambling environment where customers have zero worries about safety is important for every successful casino. Most casinos invest in high-tech security devices to ensure the safety of the casino’s property, as well as the guests inside. CCTV connections are a common feature in casinos nowadays, with a restricted control room where all activities are monitored. Sophisticated cameras that are positioned strategically can be used to observe ongoing card games, including the cards in players’ hands. However, security begins with you being cautious of everyone around.


Regulation authorities ensure that live casinos adhere to set gambling rules in their jurisdiction, therefore, licensing the on-screen casino is compulsory. The first licensing step begins with the software providers acquiring their own license from relevant gambling commissions. The casinos are then required to get licensed by local regulators, and also by those providing the operation software. The gambling commission is a step towards reducing under-age gambling as well as protect gamblers from prevalent scam operations.


Before stepping foot into a bingo hall, you should be conversant with the bingo terms used in the game. Some of the bingo vocabulary include; ready, break the bubble, wild numbers, reach and social error. You call out the term “reach” when you just a step from a bingo. Social error is when a player mistakenly utters out bingo only to realise that they misheard the number called by the host.


Unlike other games in which the dealer spins or deals cards for you, craps place luck in your palm. Players take turns rolling out the dice. For the first round; wins (11 or 7 roll), lose (12,2,3 roll) and bonus round for rolling out is 4-10. An outcome of 7 loses in the bonus round while confirming one of the 4-10 numbers wins.

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